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Tire Sizes

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OK, my truck comes stock with 18s. The leveling kit says it will allow a 285/70 tire. if i were to put 20s on it, would i use a 285/70 20? or is there some sort of size difference because of the new wheel size?
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The 285/70 is for the 18. I just put a TGC 2.5" kit on the front and 1" block in the rear sits level and went with a 20x9 wheel with 5.5" backspacing and a +12mm offset with a 275/60/20 witch is a 33" tall tire and have no rubbing anywhere. Hope this helps Tom
Sounds like a good looking truck SSTOM. you have any pictures of it just to get an idea?
I cant figure out how to post them not good at it but I could e mail you some just need a adress to send them to. Tom
i sent you a pm with my email address. and one more question. the wheels im looking at, which are the KMC Hoss, only come in -12, +18, and +30. whats the difference and would any of those work?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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