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Tire, Wheel, and suspension suggestions needed

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I am currently the owner of a 2004 chevy silverado 1500 extended cab 4x4. I have added a block rear lift kit and a leveling kit in the front and am looking to upgrade to a larger tire with new wheels and possibly adding a 3 inch body lift. I am looking for suggestions on what I should use and best bang for the buck. Also any suggestions on something I should do differently to give the truck the offroad feel and look I want. Thank you.
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If your goal is to replace it in a couple of years I wouldn't put too much money into it. I would save your money so you can put it into the new truck, just my opinion, but the wheels and tires you get for the 1/2 ton won't fit on the diesel so you'll have the expense again. If you are set on spending the money then you should be able to fit 33's with your level kit, just make sure the rim you choose has the proper offset, around 20 to 31mm.
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