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Tire, Wheel, and suspension suggestions needed

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I am currently the owner of a 2004 chevy silverado 1500 extended cab 4x4. I have added a block rear lift kit and a leveling kit in the front and am looking to upgrade to a larger tire with new wheels and possibly adding a 3 inch body lift. I am looking for suggestions on what I should use and best bang for the buck. Also any suggestions on something I should do differently to give the truck the offroad feel and look I want. Thank you.
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Welcome to the Club!!! Are you planning to take your ride off road? If so, then you may want to start looking toward a suspension lift vs a body lift.

I don't know much about body lifts, so I won't respond to that part, but it may be helpful if you provide an approximate $$ amount you have to spend as well as at least one picture of your truck so people can provide better responses. Lifting, tire size, rim size, etc. can actually be a very complex subject, so the more info you provide, the better.

Good Luck!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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