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TomsHHR with Firestone Winterforce

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Dec 23, Getting snow all day, It started around 4:30 am, at 7:15 am we have close to 4 inches. Left for breakfast. And with this I thought of doing some evaluation with the Firestone winterforce tires.

Disclaimer, I did some cornering and traction tests that I would prefer everyone not do them self. My HHR was driven by a Hired professional (me).

First, I left the house and drove through the 4" of snow with no hard starting or sliding. The HHR had a good grip on the hill out from the house.
After getting to the highway I got on the gas moderately and was pleased with the grip and increased throttle with no break-away of the front tires. Having to blaze my own trail for close to 4 miles to one of the main highways, it proved to be a good time to slow and start at 30 mph up to 50 mph, each 5 mph to see where the HHR would break traction. The HHR broke at 45 mph with some slight tail wagging.

I did accelerate up to 55 mph in this stretch that you would travel at 45 with this amount of snow that was not plowed.

On the 4 lane highway to town, one lane was plowed, the passing lane was not, I was suprised that at 50 - 55 mph, lane changes were nothing like the shift sideways I would feel with the stock tires. At 63 mph I started to feel the HHR giving the break-away feeling with the cross wind.

Cornering: I picked a nice gradual 40 mph corner for this test and did the test at 35, 40, 45, and 50 mph. Each time around the corner resulted with good results until 50 mph where the tires did not break away, but I started to drift in the corner.

Breaking in all of my conditions was real good and the tires did not break the grip unless you did heavy to locking the wheels up.

Overall I am pleased with the grip the Winterforce tires give.

Will I buy them again.... Heck yea..

4 15x6.5 5-110 et45 cb65 st new In Stock $38.00 EA $152.00
4 205/60SR-15 Firestone Winterforce In Stock $59.00 EA $236.00
4 Mount and Balance (No Charge) N/C

They were out of the blizzacks and these are more aggressive. and you would need to remove them by the end of march.

My stock tires and wheels are the 16's The snows are 3/4" shorter on the circumference so there should not be much change in your speedometer.

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That's just awesome. Glad they handle well. Look good for winter tires as well.
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