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Tonneau cover recommendations?

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Well I had a BakFlip G2 for the past 3 years. But two times this year alone. Not the best quality and this spring/summer it has come unlocked twice while driving down the highway tearing itself up (and part of my truck in the process)

Since I would like to have something that locks, and Bakflip is a non-starter for me due to the poor quality, wondering about some suggestions with people who have had their cover for a longer time period.

Right now, I'm considering a toolbox with a soft tonneau cover primarily... If I go this route, I'd prefer a metal toolbox. (preferably black).

Thanks in advance,
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I have this one...

My sub box is in the bed of the truck so I needed something to keep the Arizona elements off of it..however, It works well when traveling and you have your luggage etc in the back.

Due to the tailgate cap i have it is not totally water tight. If I had the right tailgate cap it wouldnt leak.
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