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Tonneau cover recommendations?

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Well I had a BakFlip G2 for the past 3 years. But two times this year alone. Not the best quality and this spring/summer it has come unlocked twice while driving down the highway tearing itself up (and part of my truck in the process)

Since I would like to have something that locks, and Bakflip is a non-starter for me due to the poor quality, wondering about some suggestions with people who have had their cover for a longer time period.

Right now, I'm considering a toolbox with a soft tonneau cover primarily... If I go this route, I'd prefer a metal toolbox. (preferably black).

Thanks in advance,
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I have the Trifold hard cover. Have had it for about 6 months now. a few road trips and no problems. Locks for security, folds up to free up bed space. And if you need to use all the bed space can be removed in just a minute or two. Mine hasn't leaked since I put it on.
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