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Tonneau Cover

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I was wondering how much a tonneau cover would cost for a 04 2500? fiber glass is what im wanting, to keep a smooth look to it
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Watch craigslist they are for sale on there all the time one here in town locally for 250 bucks!
Ya, brand new is pretty expensive. Espcially fiberglass. However, they look awesome!
I am thinking of getting a cover as well, I like the Pace Edwards jack rabbit.

any comments on it?
Jack Rabbit

Just some food for thought...

I've put dozens of these covers on just about every truck out there. They are very nice covers and work great IF...

1) You live somewhere it won't ever snow or freeze. They tend to get jammed up fairly easily.

2) You are not 100% concerned about water PROOF. They do a good job at keeping most of the rain out.

3) Don't mind making routine adjustments. It is a fairly secure mounting system, but will require adjustments to keep everything rolling smoothly. And grease it up regularly!

KickerG, if you have any other questions, send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.

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I had a Snugtop hard cover on my Yota and loved it because it was painted to match and was ver sturdy even with a couple of feet of snow piled on it but the downside was not being able to use the bed for hauling anything large because of such a pain to remove.

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The thing I dislike the most about those ones that roll up but are a hard tonneau is the amount of bedspace you lose...I mean some of those are 12 inches or more, Thats why i went with a toolbox and a line-x that way I can lock up my tools and still have a protected bed..and the box is super easy to remove if i need to haul more stuff.
I have a Truxedo soft roll-up on my Silverado that rolls up tightly behind the cab when I need use of my whole bed, but keeps things dry when covered. They do make a toolbox/tonneau so you can have both.
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I was thinking about getting the truxedo with the toolbox as well, but if i remember correctly that thing was near 1000 dollars...maybe 8-900. I got a toolbox for 175 and line-x for 475. I definitely would have liked the truxedo, just so the bed is not protected from cargo and other stuff.
try this one - this is the one i am looking at getting for my new 07 nbs crew cab - little pricey - but it looks great
my brother in law installed an extang trifecta on his 2007 2500 HD crew cab and he seems to like it. This was the direction I was leaning it due to its relative low cost (less than 400) and ease of removal to gain full access to the bed. Anyone have experiences good or bad with folding tonneau covers? also anyone have any idea how much fuel mileage i could expect to pick up with the cover?
i was interested in this also... im lookin for a hard tonneau... i had found the armor lids and was considering one of those...

I helped my Father-in-law install that very same cover on his 2007 F150 and $800 later, he removed it after a couple of weeks because he could not haul anything for fear of the cargo sliding forward and damaging the folded up cover that takes up about 6" in the front of the box. It looked and worked just like the video on the website but he hated it.

I know you are looking for a nice functional hard cover. I had a Snugtop on my Tacoma

But ended up going with a very inexpensive Truxedo roll-up soft cover on my Silverado that has been awesome! It held up with a couple of feet of snow on it this winter and it is nice and tight looking yet rools up snug behind the cab to allow for full use of the bed for cargo.
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I just put on an Extang Revolution Tonneau. Has a nice fairly flush look to it and rolls and stores very easily. I've had 3 different soft tonneau's and this one seems like it's going to be the best!I had 2 from TekSport and they were pretty good. One was a tilt tonneau........never again! Had to remove the frame to roll it up defeating the purpose,in my view, of a roll up soft tonneau. I think many new ones have a better system. Htis new Extang Revolution rolls up very easily from one side, stows easily with the included straps, the bows are integrated into the tarp, and no snaps,velcro etc.!

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Does anybody have any experience with those TruXport covers by TruXedo? They look like a good roll up soft top, and are pretty darn affordable compared to other similar covers. If I ever do get a cover, I want one like that, but wasn't sure if that particular one was any good.

I also went with the Extang Roll-up Tonneau, well worth the money. Still have all the space in the box available, and I haven't added any unnessary weight which would slow the truck down and affect gas mileage.
I just got the Lund Genesis Trifold deleivered for my Colorado. Haven't put it on yey, but Ill let you all know. I was attracted to it cause of the price. Amazon came in the cheapest; almost 70 bucks less than the next guy...

Well, I installed the Lund this weekend...Here is a pic. It seems to perform well, it downpored a lot and it kept the bed dry, seems to fit the bed controur perfectly. Easy to install, and saved a few bucks compared to the truxedo.


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I just ordered a BakFlip G2 Hard Folding cover. It is supposed to fold up against the back window to give you full use of your bed. It was a lil over $650 for a 08 Siverado Crew Cab. The dealer wanted $850 for the same thing.
great discussions guys
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