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Hi all! been away for awhile because "ole red" has been running so good until now. Here's what I've got problems with.By the way she's a 95 K1500 with a 5.7.

Stuttering on acceleration and at freeway speeds. the first codes were for EGR failure and O2 sensor failure. Both have been replaced but now I have new codes and the same problem.

Now I have DTC 44, 51 & 54. DTC 54 was a fuel pump relay low voltage and I replaced the relay. Still the same stuttering and stumbling. DTC 51 is an ECM failure I believe? DTC 44 is a lean O2 reading.

Starting to get real frustrated here. I replaced the fuel pump approx. 6 years ago but I'm starting to lean towards the fuel pump as being the problem. I haven't checked the pressure yet but that is next.

I have read that the ECM's on the 95's rarely go out. Is this true? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have much hair left to pull out.....:)
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