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Tool Box

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I just bought my '05 Silverado Crew Cab. I like to carry tools with me so I'm prepared for whatever may come my way, so the natural choice would be to get a toolbox. My only concern is how much room it will take up. Since my truck is a crew cab, it doesn't seem like adding a toolbox would leave much room in the bed. I was wondering if anybody has a toolbox in their crew cab and how it's worked for them. Also, if anybody has any other tool storage suggestions, those are also welcome. Thanks!!
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I have a '04 Z/71 C/C and have a tool box in the bed. It leaves plenty of room under for long objects and I've not had any problems with room for the few things I've carried. I've hauled recliners, bicycles, deer feed, etc. w/o problems. If you look at the pic's in my "signature", You will see it. Good luck!
I have a regular cab with standard bed and no problems.
Get a DU-HA. I recently put one in mine and I have it neatly filled with jumper cables, 30,000lb tow strap, Gearwrench set in storage box, Robogrip pliers, screwdrivers, magnetic bit set, golf umbrella, first-aid kit, shop rags, 4 pairs of gloves, 2 containers of Armour-All wipes, flashlights, replacement taillight bulbs, a BFH, diesel fuel additive, WD-40, tape, set of tire chains, etc. I will take a picture soon and post it but it really holds alot of stuff that I earlier had rolling around under my seats. It even comes with inserts to carry rifles and is considered a legal gun case in most states.
well I have a standard bed so I carry a regulartool box ( cuss I do Decks ) and also Im going to buy a side mount box. I still can haul any material for my jobs up to 16 feet :great:
Thank yall for all the helpful tips! I had never heard of the Du-Ha. I think I may go that route. Thanks dwill!
Ok, I took Darcy's suggestion and bought myself a DU-HA. I just put it in today and it looks and works great! Also, the installation couldn't have been easier. I definitely suggest this for someone with a crew cab that wants to save space. These pictures basically look like the ones on the website, but thought yall might like to see how it looks anyway. Thanks again for the suggestion Darcy! :yipi:

P.S. How do you insert pics into the message instead of just having em as thumbnails?


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No problem Matt! Looks awesome!
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