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Torquing passenger side rear spark plug

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Hey guys, im having a problem with the spark plug coming loose on the rear passenger side plug,

I was curious if any of yall were able to fit or some how adapt the torque wrench to fit into the spark plug area? I was not

What I did was torque all 7 other plugs being very careful and precise to measure the effort i was putting into the wrench to achieve ~120 inch pounds and then hand torqued the 8th plug.

It has apparently came somewhat untorqued and I am curious if any of you guys were able to put an adapter of some sort on the setup to actually get into that tight, tight spot and tighten the plug with the actual torque wrench, because i did not want to over tighten it and break the plug, and ithought i did a good precise job having practiced on all 7 other plugs but it appears to be coming loose.
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I have a small 1/4 inch drive torque wrench and it works with adapter for socket it is tight space. I would use no torque wrench on the plug next to it to get a good feel on the torque of that plug then do the #8 plug... also new plugs should be 15ft lbs. when checking the plugs torque to 12 ft lbs.
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