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Torsion Bar Suspension

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I just looked at a 2002 Suburban (2WD) as was suprised to see what I think is a torsion bar suspension in the front. Am I correct? How does it compare to the older coil spring front suspension? Better, worse or about the same?

I'm replacing my 1990 Suburban and this newer one looks a lot different under there!!!


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Nothin' wrong with the TB - they've served us well for many many years and have continued to improve. They're durable, easy to adjust the height, descent ride, etc. Only real negative here is that you do lose some ride quality when compared to the coil springs. Which is likely part of the reason why they went back with that setup on the half-ton GMT-900's. The coil setup also weighs less.

But there are plenty other improvements to the entire suspension going from the old GMT-400 C/K series (ie. Your 1990 Suburban), to the GMT-410, and even more going to the newer GMT-800 (ie. the 2002 Suburban); which will definately improve the ride quality and handling.

So I wouldn't worry about that TB. :)
I bought the Suburbam today. You are right. The ride quality and stability are great, much better than my 1990!
torsion bar suspension is what gm should have done long time ago. heres a web site for info something to help you out.
GM IFS 101 & The "TRUTH" About Keys in Suspension MODs - Chevy Avalanche Owners Online
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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