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torsion bars

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Two new Front Springs/torsion bars from a 2004 1500 4wd Silverado (with Plow Package Option).
I have listed these as 2005 because they are good as new (and will fit 2005).
Left and Right torsion bars taken off 2004 truck at 2,000 miles.
Will fit 2000-2006 (and maybe earlier years).
Great for Off Road Riding, Lift Kits, Towing, Plowing, and Construction Contractors.
These springs list for over $465.00 new.
$200.00 firm

this is a listing on Craigslist just wanted to know if this seems like a good deal?...and what advantages this would gain me..
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Wow, people will sell anything on craigslist. :)

New as in not used before? Who's selling them?
well according to the add they have 2000 miles on them

not sure who is selling them but its a local guy, just wanted to know if this is something that'll improve my truck
Are they Chevy OEM Parts or aftermarket? Adjustable?
Chevy Truck Parts
pretty sure thay are chevy oem parts it says his truck came with the plow package so they are just oem beefed up springs
Hmm, that might be something to look into, could be a bargain. Does it come with the plow too?
no, no plow, nor do i want one :D just thought it would beef up the truck
Something doesn't sound right. I don't remember Chevy offering a plow package on half tons. That's not to say they can't plow, I just don't think they recommend plowing with a 1500 unless it's a 1500HD which first appeard in 04 and has the 2500HD suspension. Which I don't think would work in your truck. Check your owners manual (if you have one) and see if it mentions anything about a plow package, specifically for the 1500. I really don't think it was an option. If you're just lookin for a little extra height in the front you can adjust that without replacing the bars.
Two new Front Springs/torsion bars from a 2004 1500 4wd Silverado (with Plow Package Option).
looks like thats what the guy has..

so you dont think theyll work on my truck?

ill have to check manual
I just don't trust it. But I did break out my 04 Silverado sales brochure and "Snow Plow Prep Package" is listed as an option. I just have to ask why did he replace them? Maybe he wanted to lower his 4x4 instead of lifting it? Sounds kinda silly to me but I guess "to each his own."
hmm, snow plow prep package. Marketing guys worked overtime on that name. What does that come with?
heh..turns out after reading my manual that my truck might actually have the snow plow prep package..i have a switch for overhead lights on my dash adn the manual says if the truck is equipped with this option it may have the snow plw prep package..

problem is i have no idea how to tell if i do or not.. :roll:

anyone know a way i could tell??
You could take it to the dealer and see if they could help you out. ??
yukk ...dealers :evil: :lol:
Must have a love/hate realationship with them, huh? I've had great experiences at one dealer down here, so guess what...I keep going back to that one dealer.
high prices and long waits are what i hate about dealers so i try and avoid them
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