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i have a question about the tow capacity of my truck. i looked in the owners manual and it says that a standard cab short bed with a 4.3l and a 5 speed has a tow capacity of 4000? WTF?!? supposedly the automatic can tow 1000 pounds more. i have never heard in my life of a truck that pulls more with an automatic. it seems to me more power getting to the ground with the manual would make for a higher tow capacity??? even for the 4.8l the tow capacity with 3.23 gears is only 4300 lbs..why is this?

also i have a 16 ft flatbed trailer made out of tube steel that weights upward of 2,000 and i sometimes use it to tow cars. The most i have had on it was my old 1981 1/2 ton silverado and the little 4.3l struggled a bit but definitely got the job done.

Another question about the capacity of my truck...a buddy of mine has a dakota quad cab with a 4.7l v8 4x4 and it seems my truck will run circles around it under load..why is this? i usually shift around 3 grand when towing and i hardly ever have to downshift and his just seems to grunt and growl and downshift OFTEN!
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