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Tow/Haul Mode/ New Daily From IL

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Well after 176K miles my s10 decided it wanted a hole in the trans and it popped....

After that while hauling it home I came across an s10, called the guy, got it all set up to pick up in 3 days... Drive all the way down (80 miles) to get it, guy stiffs me and says he sold it. Ok fine, whatever, karma will get him.

Finally my dad and I talked, I was using his 06 Silverado to tow my car to the track(will make a thread for that car once I get situated here) We ended up convincing me that an s10 just wont do anymore, that its time to get a reliable, 4x4 for winter, and a good tow vehicle so i dont have to borrow his for towing mine to the track.

Go to dealership to look at one, owner is a prick, I end up walking out. Strike 2.... one more im out. Guy wanted $22K for a base Sierra, 44K miles, one accident, and no options.... Guy was a straight up jerk, but I'm glad he was a prick to me.

Hop on craigslist and finally found this one, test drove it. LOVED IT.

2008 Chevy Silverado LT w/ LT2 4x4
5.3L Flex Fuel V8
23,000 Miles
3 year/ up to 75,000 mile warranty starting 6/7/11
5 year/ 100k mile warranty
BLACK (wanted most)
Cloth Interior (which I wanted)
Center Console (I wanted)
Z71 Suspension w/ Offroad Package
Remote Start
Power Everything

on pure e85, im getting around 18-19mpg highway at 62mph with the ac off, I do notice it goes into and stays in v4 mode a LOT more with ac off. So i imagine gas will be even better.

Mods to come are :
Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit, showed up today at my house, will be installed this week :)

35% tint on the front windows and windshield banner.

Some form of an exhaust by the end of the year

Next year probably wheels and tires

Gonna keep it very mild and conservative since I really dont NEED to mod it.

These are pre wax pictures, its been raining every other day here so I havnt taken the time to was it right.

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looks good! welcome to the club!
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