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Well after 176K miles my s10 decided it wanted a hole in the trans and it popped....

After that while hauling it home I came across an s10, called the guy, got it all set up to pick up in 3 days... Drive all the way down (80 miles) to get it, guy stiffs me and says he sold it. Ok fine, whatever, karma will get him.

Go to dealership to look at one, dealership owner is a prick, I end up walking out. Strike 2.... one more im out.

I was just going to get another s10, then my dad talked some sense into me... I race my car a LOT all year long when I have it... I borrow his truck to tow it to the track, and it just becomes a hassle to borrow it... So he got me thinking, why not get my own full size so i can tow as well as have a good 4 wheel drive truck for winter. It made more sense. So thats where the tow/haul mode in the title comes in to play... Once I get to browsing the forum and locate the other cars section, ill post up the other daily driver part time race car :)

Anyway, back to the new truck search....
I hop on craigslist and finally found this one, test drove it. LOVED IT.

2008 Chevy Silverado LT w/ LT2
5.3L Flex Fuel V8
23,000 Miles
3 year/ up to 75,000 mile warranty starting 6/7/11
5 year/ 100k mile warranty from factory
BLACK (wanted most)
Cloth Interior (which I wanted)
Center Console (I wanted)
Z71 Suspension w/ Offroad Package
Remote Start
Power Everything

Soon to be mod list: Already ordered the Rough Country 2" leveling kit.
Next year will be wheels and tires
Looking soon to do exhaust for sure and 35% window tint on the fronts and 6" windshield banner. Also want to do a soft tonneau cover.

These are pre wax pictures, going to rain tomorrow so I didnt want to put a ton of time into it and then have it rain all over it!


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Glad to see Steve saved your posts! Nice looking truck. You won't be disappointed in the site, there are some really great people on here. Looking forward to seeing you around Vink
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