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Towing Capacity Question

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I have a 2005 4.3l v6 silverado. i lost the oringinal owers manual and was wondering if anyone knows the towing capacity or a site that could tell me. I wanna be able to tow a 3500 pound horse trailer with 2 horses one 1600 and one 2400 pound horse so in all about 8000 pounds. Would appreciate any info thanks guys
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You could get away with towing that much if it was a short trip-40 miles-on a level hy you were very familiar with.
It would be pretty dangerous to try to tow that much in hills of coming down an overpass.
The motor is the least of your problems-the 4.3 could pull 8000 lbs(very slowly)- it is the brakes and general handling that would be dangerous.
You need a big heavy duty pickup to safely tow 8000 lbs any distance.
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