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Towing mirrors [Expired Topic]

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Just curious if anybody has gone to the trouble of trying to adapt those nice Ford Super Duty extended mirrors to a suburban yet. I think those telescoping mirror are the way to go, just haven't had time to look into it, not to mention those things aren't cheap.
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I personally like the 4 point mount chrome towing mirrors on 3/4 & 1T GM trucks. The visibility is excellant, I have them on my other truck. The Ford mirrors are definatley not cheap, whlie driving down an unlit backroad a guy with his F350 some how did not see my mirrors(even though they are bright chrome with amber marker lights) and I could not see his(black plastic without marker lights), crossed into my lane and our mirrors collided. His mirror disintegrated and took out his drivers window, he only cracked mine. The incedent cost him $1100CDN to repair(his fault,insurance would't cover the damage.
Wow, talk about a close encounter.
That is WAY TOO CLOSE for my taste. Bet that made you count your blessings. Glad to hear you "won" on that drill.
That seems like a lot for mirror repair. Did it just rip it off the door? What's the exchange rate these days?
Once I had found some extending mirrors for the suburban. They look just like the factory mirrors when collapsed. Right now the only site I can find is this one.
I'd swear it was Genuine GM aftermarket parts, but I can't seem to locate the site. I'll keep looking, and post it when I find it.
My kids do the SAME thing, they love the bounce. Thanks for the link on that one I will check it out tonight a little later.
Yeah, nothing like the bounce when in the back of the burban.
Those mirrors look pretty decent but man they sure are proud of them aren't they.

Manual Style ONLY $319.95
Electric/Heat Style ONLY $349.95
Electric/Heat & LightsONLY $429.95

(same mirror pair on Ebay is $69)

I'll have to keep looking for a GMC solution that fits my wallet.
wow. Talk about inflated prices! That's pretty unreasonable.
I hadn't really researched them much. I saw them, and thought maybe someday down the road, when $$ isn't so tight. Not bad if you can find them on Ebay for 1/4th of that price!
But the ones I found before look exactly like the OEM, and look much better.

My father-in-law has a F350SD and I doubt that you could really convert the mirrors to work. the base on those extendable SD mirrors are HUGE! It would take away about a third of your view out the window.
Steve, The Ford mirror was an electronically controlled heated mirror($$$). I fixed my own mirror(the frame and support arms were fine, just a new mirror). The exchange at that time was quite a bit higher then (1.37 approx.).
Ron :D
I noticed that those Ford Mirrors had a pretty substancial base last night. After TrailLeadrs post I was able to find several similiar solutions for GMC specific applications. Some were spendy others weren't so bad. Just have to finish up some other upgrades before I tearing the doors apart again.
Finally found the mirrors I was talking about. :D
This is for '00-'04, but they have them for older models too.

Not priced as far out of line as those other ones either.
Thanks for the update, I have the site bookmarked for when I finish the other stuff I already have going.
Why does that picture that MN_Burbon posted have a crack in it?
I don't see it. Do you mean the link I posted? the small line is a split between the main mirror, and a built in spot mirror.
oh, my bad. :oops:
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