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Looking to get a 1500, CC, LTZ, 5.3l, 4x4 in the near future. First I got some questions that hopefully you guys can help me with because the dealer can't seem to answer them.

First what is the towing capacity? I look at this and it says 9500lbs 3.42 gears. Yet when I go to a dealers web site it says #6700lbs

Some 5.3l get 15 to 21MPG while others get 13 to 18MPG. Is this the active fuel management verse non active fuel management? Reading what people are saying about the active fuel management system it might be better to go with power all the time. Which would then put me into a 2500, 6.0l which I really don't want with gas where it's at.

What is the advantage or disadvantage of aluminum verse iron block?

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