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Towing Package

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I am looking at a 2004 C2500. Do they come with a towing package or is it standard and if they come with a towing package is there a way to visually check to see if it has the towing package. I am buying it to pull a boat about 5000 lb with trailer.
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The 2001 Suburban, and the 2006 Silverado 2500HD I own both came with tow packages and I guess the most obvious clue would be the reciever hitch mounted below the rear bumper and the trailer light receptical as well.
Hope that helps.
The suburban I am looking at has a hitch and plug for trailer lights but does that mean it has the trailer towing package. I was also looking at Expeditions and they said that most came with the hitch and plug but you could tell if it had the trailer towing package by the plug, 7 prong instead of 4. The towing package would mean tranny and oil cooler which I need. Thanks!!
Checking the RPO codes would be the easiest. (IMO)
You would want to check the glove box sticker for the following RPO codes:
GT5 4.10 Diff
KC4 Engine oil cooler
KNP Tranny oil cooler
Z82 Trailering equipment (Heavy Duty)
Thanks I appreciate the info!!!
One other question, without the towing package and with the 3.73 rear and 6.0 engine would I be alright towing a 5,000 lb boat.
One more thing I just saw specs on a 2006 and they said that the 2500 came standard with the trailer towing package, is this true and did the 2004's come standard also.
I can't honestly answer whether or not the 2004 came with the package. If I had to guess, I would put my money on "yes" they did. As far as towing, with the 3.73 you should be able to tow about 7,600lbs (of course it will probably pull more than that just fine). If it has the 4.10 your max will be 12,000.
By the way I bought the Suburban. I do not think I mentioned before but it has Quadrasteer and so far I love it!! Here is a picture, I hope.


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I was always a little leery of those with quadrastear. Only because that’s even more parts to brake.

I hear they can back a trailer in the tightest spots though.

Never had the opportunity to drive one, is it as good as I’ve heard for backing up trailers?
I don't know yet, I bought it to pull my boat but haven't tried it out yet. I can't wait to pull it though. Have to wait until it gets a little warmer.
Here is a better picture.


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You mentioned that you were leery of the Quadrasteer, I was and still am the same way especially since GM is not offering Quadrasteer anymore. After driving it I had to have it. If it was an everyday driver I probably would not have bought it but since I am only going to be using it to pull a boat I decided to take the chance. I just hope that I can get parts for it 10 or 15 years from now because I will probably still have it. I haven't heard of anyone having any major problems with Quadrasteer but there are a limited number of vehicles out there with Quadrasteer, less than 20,000 I believe.
quadrasteer trucks have less rated towing capacity the non.

new here, this is my first post. quick question though, i just purchased or soon will be purchasing a 96 K2500, it has the 4.10 gears, the tranny cooler, and the heavy equipment hauling service parts codes listed in the glove box but it doesnt have the oil cooler. is this going to be an issue down the road? it already has 150k on it so i figure if there would be an issue pop up, it would have happened already.

is there a list of those codes anywhere so i can figure out what the rest of them mean? im curious now.
Oil cooler isn't really required. But if you wanted one, then adding an oil cooler is not a hard thing to do at all. In fact if it doesn't already have one installed by the previous owner, I would suggest getting an oil filter relocation kit when you have the cooler installed. Make oil changes a little easier. Just keep in mind that relocation kit or not, you're going to increase oil capacity by about 1 more qt, by having the cooler installed.

This is the master list of RPO codes:
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How many miles did your burb have when you purchased it? I'm in the market now for one very similar. How long did it take you to find it?
hay I just wanted to pop in and say nice burb :great:
Nice suburban. I too bought a high mileage burb - white/100K miles/03/2500 with quadrasteer. So far I like quadrasteer. I pull a 30ft TT that weighs about 6800lbs. The quadrasteer is nice. I can notice a difference between my fathers 95 burb and the 03 with quadrasteer. I have yet to backup with a trailer attached tho.

I can make a u-turn on a 2 lane road without stopping. I love it!
03 6.0L 2500 Suburban Quadrasteer
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