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Hello There..I am not sure if this is the right place or not..but here goes. I have a 02 TB LT and I would like to get a small travel trailer...My TB has the towing equipment, but I have been told by several people that it may not have the power to pull something like a trailer. I am looking at a small one 16-19ft in length and at times may go as far as 700 miles..I would love to here your inputs on this, before I go and buy something I can't tow!


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Good questions. A lot of people try to tow something that is just too big for a mid-sized SUV. However, that doesn't mean that you can't tow a good sized trailer.

Here is the towing information straight from GM for the 2WD 2005 LT:

Trailer towing maximum is 6300 lbs.
Maximum tongue weight is 400 lbs (without sway control)

Now, this is what GM says, I've heard that towing something this size isn't too tough on the vehicle at all if you're just doing it every so often.

Now, there is also the question of wheelbase, and I think that you will not want to get anything too much longer than the low 20's in terms of length. Maybe someone else on here can speak to that issue.

What type of trailer are you looking at getting? I have seen some trailers, even up to 25 feet that weight as little as 4,000 lbs when dry and maybe only 5,000 lbs when loaded depending on what you put into them. Remember that water weighs about 8lbs per gallon. So if you load up 50 gallons in a tank, you're looking at an extra 400 lbs.

Look around and see what the kinds of trailers that you are looking for weight, and maybe drive to a walmart or an RV spot (that doesn't sell trailers themselves) to see what types of trailers might do well with a Trailblazer.
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Well to get a bit more specific here is one that I am looking at:

I show dogs and about 1 time a month I am having to stay in a hotel usually a good distance from the show site. If I had an RV I would be able to be at the show site, and have a car to leave and adventure out (V.S. a winnabego I am stuck). I would also be able to take all my dogs with me, since most hotels only allow one or two...I have 5! I am not sure if I should trade in my TB for a bigger truck..or buy a travel trailer like this one and see how it goes! I know nothing about buying a Trailer, so I am trying to research before I step into a dealer or go to someones house..I don't want to be suckered into something! Take a look at the link and let me know what you think..also it say's it is a "lite" one....I am assuming light weight..not on a diet!! Just kidding!

Thanks again,

I did a little reasearch into that trailer (it was VERY difficult to find! The manufacturer is THOR and the need a lesson in web development...but I digress).

It looks like the estimated gross vehicle weight for this unit will be 4800 lbs. Empty is around 3200 lbs. I think you might find that you have no problem towing this with a Trailblazer. Remember, you have 275 horsepower and a good amount of Torque to get things moving.

Plus, when buying a trailer, you must always haggle, haggle haggle. :)
No problem

I think that even if you have 3.73 gears, you shouldn't have a problem towing this trailer.

Remember to not use overdrive when towing. Put your tranny in 3, not D - you'll slowly kill your transmission when towing heavy loads.
I had a really good brochure from GM on this.

The 4.2 L engine max towing depends on the rear end, and if the vehicle is ext or not.

If still interested I could type up the information,

It might be online. What's the title of the brochure?
Steve said:
It might be online. What's the title of the brochure?
Sorry forgot it at home, but it was from the Chevy dealer and said something trailoring with you Chev or something like that ?

I would not doubt it is on line

Always tow in 3, never D. I tow 2 boats, one 3900lbs loaded and the other 3400lbs loaded. 3.73gears, and my TB tows them across Snowqualmie Pass no probs. The entire trip is about 330miles from Seattle to Coeur D Alene,ID, and takes about 6 hours (while towing) with one food/rest stop of about 15min. Dont know officially what my TB is rated at, but it is enough for me. Also, if you are getting close to your weight limit, you might want to invest in an aftermarket transmission cooler and they make some airbage for the rear suspension I hear help keep the back end up. AirLift 1000s, and there is guide somewhere on the net for installing them on a TB.

Good luck with your trailer!
Hey, I've done that drive at least 100 times. (literally). I lived in Spokane from 1980-87 and Seattle from 87-99. My grandparents built an RV resort in northern Idaho, just past a city called Hope, ID. It's called the Beyond Hope resort.
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