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Traded my boat.. for another truck!!

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Well long story short I traded my boat and small amount of cash for a pretty nice 2000 Silverado Z71 today. The boat needed a little work and TLC, more than I was willing to give it, so it ended up on craigslist. I got an email from someone wanting to trade, and I now have a second truck. She also needs a little TLC and a good detailing, and also brakes. But all in all a solid truck. Has a full stainless steel exhaust system, oversized tires, and a 4" body lift on it. I have a few pics from today. What ya'll think?

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Is unfair that you have two Chevy trucks. Some poor folks on welfare don't have any now. Maybe you shouldn't work so hard and also think about donating one to people who don't work at all. I mean that's what we're called to do right?
Don't worry, the government makes sure that the folks on welfare drive BMWs and Cadillacs.
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