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Trailer Brake plug Lighting

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I have an 05 Trailblazer 6 banger with a Trailer plug on the back. I just bought a trailer and I need to hook up the Trailer brakes. Does anyone know if under the dash the wiring exists for the Trailer Brakes. The lighting works just fine I just need to attach the wiring for the brakes. Some other manufacturers have kits that just plug in under the dash. With these kits you can then attach the wires for the controller.

Thanks for the help
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Your Trailblazer should have come with a pigtail to connect a brake control box. You can get one at the dealer if you can't find it. Also, depending on which brake control you have you can buy one that is plug and play with a wiring harness that is made for your application (this is the one I bought and did not need to splice any wires). I might add that the Prodigy is the best control I have used:great:
Trailer Brake Wiring

The 2006 has wire connectors (4) under the dash on the left side. Drop the panel under the dash and look for a large wiring harness on the left side. You will find 4 clipped wires taped to it.

Wire colors are:

Orange = Power
Black = Ground
Stop Light = Light Blue
Brake = Dark Blue

Here is a thread I started on it some time ago.
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