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trans fluid change or something bigger?

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ive been driving in traffic recently and the shifts from 1st to 2nd have been slow and rough as hell. sometimes, the thing will rev but not go anywhere as well. I don't think the fluid has been changed since 100,000 miles, and im at 150k now...i know its time for a fluid/filter change cause the stuff is grey-ish, but could the problem be something bigger?

also, my truck didn't come stock with any type of trans cooler, does anyone know if it is possible to add one in, and where the connections would go and everything? im no expert but I feel like this, combined with city/teenager driving could be contributing to the problem...

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I had a similar issue at around 70,000 miles and a transmission fluid & filter change resolved the issue. As for the trans cooler, I'm not sure how to hook one up, sorry.
cool, ill see if that fixes it. have a nice trans cooler kit for your truck. The cooler is big and has all the fittings for easy install.
cool, i saw the you know if it works on transmissions that dont have any existing cooler? i tried contacting them like 5 days ago and didnt get a response.

sorry for the slow reply, i was in mexico.

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CORRECTION: i just traced the lines (i didnt do this before cause it was constantly raining) and it turns out i have a trans cooler in the radiator, but no oil cooler. I thought the trans was an oil cooler cause of the black residue on the lines, thinking no way is that trand fluid, it looks like old oil. Anyway, should I still go ahead and install an aftermarket trans cooler?
Most likely you have a cooler that runs threw the radiator. Just hook the kit in line with the radiator cooler.
alright, any reason to do this instead of just abandoning the oem one? also, what kind of pressures is this thing running at, like could i just cut the leaky rubber portion after the crimped-on bit and slide on a new rubber hose with hose clamps onto the metal section?

update: i changed the trans fluid, dropped the pan and put a new filter in, put a vette servo and a new cooler in, and it shifts and drives like a brand new car. thanks guys!
Cool, glad it wasn't anything major.
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