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Transfer case

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Hi everyone!

I have a 1988 K2500 with the 6,2 diesel and hillbilly 3 spd manual tranny (actually L-1-2-3). As far as i know, the K trucks from around -87-88 have the NP241 transfercase and the earlier with 4wd had the NP205 for part-time 4wd and the NP203 for full time 4wd. Am I correct? And does the 205 and 203 interchange with my 241? I think they should cause the main tranny and the frame mounting points haven´t changed since earlier years, have they? Maybe someone of you guys know better.
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Do you have IFS or a solid front axle? The 203 and 205 (and 208) are pass side drop only, which means you cannot use them on and IFS truck. The 241 is a great case anyway, no need to change it.
A full time case would be nice, especially for snowy regions. A decent halfway mod is to install a Posi-Lok in the front axle, or a "dildo" for the winter months. That allows you to get truly instant 4wd with the lever/dash button.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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