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I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place, if so please let me know where is correct. I will try to be brief.

Converter died and took out 6L80. Had to drive about 2 hours after the trans started having issues. Purchase/installed rebuilt 6L80/converter. The flex plate was not changed. Had dealer program 6L80. Not sure best word to describe but I have a lope/shaking/vibration at low RPM (500-1000). Best analogy is when your washing machine gets out of balance and has that thump, thump, thump motion that shortens as it spins up. Thump…..thump….thump…thump..thump.thump. I ‘feel’ it in the seat more than anything. Reverse when coming to a stop and feels like the engine is going to die. We separated the converter from the flex plate and the issue goes away. Didn’t notice a vibration at higher RPM or driving but didn’t want to drive it much.

Is this most likely bad converter, bent input shaft, warped flex plate, or other?

As I said, trans and converter are supposedly ‘rebuilt’ from a company that will not return my call so they are no help. I appreciate any advice.
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