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Transmission downshift problems

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My tahoe seems to have a downshift problem. Wondering if anyone has seen or dealt with this.

The transmission was rebuilt (approx 3000 miles ago) and it worked fine until about a month ago.

Here is the problem, it downshifts hard between 2-1 when it's warm. (not when it's cold, that's fine). A mechanic said that the torque convertor needs to be replaced, but wasn't that covered in the tranny rebuild?
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You should get that taken back to the people who rebuilt it and have it look at. Sounds like something's not right.
Transmission shops should replace / rebuild your torque converter when you get your trans rebuilt however not all do. If it is your torque converter you will probably hear a rattle.

I would definitely take it back to who did your work.
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Get That truck into that shop ASAP, As I guy who had 2 rebuild transmissions, Both had just over the warranty. The second one came back with a complementary 1 lt. overfill and an extra 1000 Km. Good luck- Eric
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