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I just got 2800 TCI street fighter stall convertor / Transgo HD2-C Shift Kit / Sonnax Servo Second Gear / Sonnax Servo 4th gear "SUPER HOLD" / FLT Aluminum and Steel Accumulator Pistons . They put in Ams Transmission fluid . here is some info on it ........... Let me know what you guys think

Mark :glasses:
I love your street truck. How fast can it do the 1/4 mile on the race track? I someday hope to have my truck similar to yours. I have the looks down, now its time to work on performance :happy:
Do you have any performance numbers? My 4.3L V6 isn't for racing; it's 198HP and 260tq stock :rofl:
I plan on a big V8 engine swap in a few years!
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