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Transmission Interchange

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Anyone know what vehicle trans will interchange with a 1994 Silverado 2WD. I am trying to find a used trans with no luck. I was told any 94-97 2WD will work from the 4.3 to the 5.7.

I bought this truck cheap thinking finding and replacing the trans would be easy. What a joke. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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No one? Well I bought a 4L60E out of a 94 Z28, I hope its right. I havent yanked the old one to check it out.

(My next bright idea is swapping the LT1 that the trans was bolted to in my truck)
Good luck with the new tranny. I had a '96 1/2 ton that had that tranny along with the 350R motor. Never had any problems. Ir the bolt pattern is the same the only problem I can think of would be computers talking to each other. Again, good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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