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Transmission shift cable fell off side of trans

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Hello. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this? I was able to push the cable end back on for now but it's not on there very good. It appears the hole in the cable end is reamed out a bit and/or the pin on that lever on the side of the trans is corroded too much:

I'd like to try and replace that lever first if possible. Anyone know what it's called? I can't find it anywhere online......

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I went to the dealer and a new lever was 10 bucks. P/N 15251895, in case anyone ever needs it. The pin on the new one is bigger than the rusted old one.....but it still looks like a sketchy setup to me, lol. I haven't installed yet. Hopfully the hole on the cable end isn't reamed out.
Ugh, I just put it back together and it seems like the cable is on there no better than before. It's loose and pops off just as easy. I think the hole on the cable end is reamed out. This is why I thought the setup seemed shady, lol. The hole on the cable end had rubber inside and it looks torn up a bit. Probably got ripped up on the old rusty pin on the old lever. If I replace the cable, does it go all the way back to the steering column? Looks like it might be two piece? Thanks.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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