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Transmission shift cable fell off side of trans

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Hello. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this? I was able to push the cable end back on for now but it's not on there very good. It appears the hole in the cable end is reamed out a bit and/or the pin on that lever on the side of the trans is corroded too much:

I'd like to try and replace that lever first if possible. Anyone know what it's called? I can't find it anywhere online......

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I got a 2009 GMC Yukon 1500 XL SLT and with that neing said.....I know this is an old post an all and hope someone responds. Heres a little background on my truck, i just bought this vehicle maybe 1 &1/2 months ago, and the previous owner had a big aftermarket stereo, with s bunch if 6x9's in a make shift box ontop of 2 12" subs and a ehole bunch of crazy nonsense wiring. So i immediately disconnected everything and eas just waiting for when i had the time to actually do it properly. He had a second battery hooked up which was good in ny book but my dumbass when i fidconnectrd sll thr epeskers i just capped all the wires snd taped them off thinking id get sround to it in a coupke days. Like i said 1& 1/2 months later i stsrted getting a "check chsrging system," light a few days ago, and planned on doing it this weekend after my 6 year old daughters bday and after i fixed the sway bar links in the rear which i did 2 nights ago.
But I digress, so wife whos 8 months pregnant and our 3 small children 6,4 & 21 months, were gassing up at the station by our house. When we went to leave i put my truck in reverse and we drove off i noticed the truck began to die at the stop light we were st so i tried to jump it with my little jumper pack i keep in the back for situations like this. But it did not work bc the 2nd bsttery thst i did not fully fisconnect the ground snd positive wire from the alternator drained the battery(ies) and when i tried to push thr truck to the side of the road i told my wife who was now in the driver seat to put it in reverse so we csn get out if traffic bc we were in thr lrft turn lane, anyway somehow the truck is now stuck in reverse and when i go to shift with the shifter on the steering column it wont seitch gears, its just like smooth when you try to go down with the shifter otbup, theres no "clicks," like its trting to catch.

Sorry for the kong story i uust wanted to he thorough...

So is my problem the shifter cable and if so where exsctly is it located snd what should i look for to see ehats broken ir not broken? Does anyone have any suggestions on what should i do? Im hurting for cash bc i just got laid off, so a quick and or cheapish fix is ideal but i need this to not happen again when it's time to rush the wife to the hospital for the new baby lol....if any one can help i'd be most appreciative. Thanks all
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