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I just got my 2000 chevy 2500 series back from transmission shop, I now have a new torque converter.
I have the 4L80E transmisssion and had the transmission service, full flush at 60K with differential oil changed at that time, now have 80K on truck.

I tow a RV with truck and my transmission oil was very clean since I had it serviced, the problem was a mechanical issue with 2000 model (weak) torque converters and not lack of service.

Its hard to say about your transmission, guess its a mute point at this time, but why did you not have the transmission serviced at about 60K since its such an expensive part of your drive train?

If the transmission is performing well, no problems, I would just drop the pan, change filter and refill with oil, if you experience no problems, then in about 10K I would drop the pan again, drain oil replace filter and by the time you do this the third time you will have change most all the oil in the transmission.

I would not recommend a flush as you have not properly serviced the transmission.

Just my 2 cents!!
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