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Trick my truck

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Hi, first post, but thought I would dive in here.

Looks like this year a dream for me will come true but I need some help in the execution.

I am going to start some other car projects, but one project I don't necessarily want to do myself.

I am going to do up a Chevy 2500 Silverado in a military Humvee style. Dark Olive Drab body and wheels, black accents like the front grill, new intake and exhaust, lift, locking diff etc. I'm gonna go all out, once in a lifetime truck.

The problem is I don't really know who to look for to do this. I live in the Seattle/King County area and would like to find a shop that has some sort of specialty in trucks.

I have found zip so far, but honestly I have no idea what to keyword search. If anybody can help or knows of some good shops in my area, please help. Thanks!

PS, I was wondering if there were any websites that help you pre visualize a truck lift. I'm totally green so don't know how much lift, size of tires I would like.

Eg, I make guitars and this is a really cool web tool. Wondering if there is something like that this for trucks. Thanks.
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