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Thanks guys. I went to the audio store today, and bought JL Audio TR650-CXI speakers for the front and JL in the rear. The guy sold me them plus a 2yr. warranty and free installation for $265. He said it was one of the best products he sells, and said the 2 way speakers will sound real nice. Did I get a good deal?

I want to later buy a 600watt 4ch. Amp to power these speakers and get the sub woofers in a much later time (with separate amp). Currently, the speakers will be hooked up to my Sony radio/deck. Did I do well?
That sounds about right. Your future plans with the 600w 4 channel to power them sound about right too. Depending on the power handling of your subs, i would just get a 1000w amp to power. If you're not looking to rattle bones, I'd really just go for a pair of 10s and a 600w amp, especially if you're on a budget.

What your buddy said about the battery isn't necessarily true in my opinion. In my old show truck I ran 2 sub amps pushing 2500w at .5 ohms and 2 4 channel 600w amps @ 2 ohms for the mids and highs. I had 2 batteries in the truck, but thats only because of the high output. I upgraded my alternator too. Before I did, I didn't have any problems with drain. I would have left it factory, but what fun is that? lol! Seriously, I wanted to be more competitive and needed a little more stability in the power department for what I was pushing.
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