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Truck died

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Hi to everyone, I posted a problem I have with my 91 silverado 305sbc it just died going thru the parking lot. Turned key on and no noise from the old fuel pump and none from the injectors as I cranked it over. Sooo while thinking what I was going to do 75 miles from home and about 20 mins later I turned the key on and the pump started working and the truck started and I drove home no problem.
So now about a week later I went to the dump and it died as I was leaving, so I had AAA tow it home. Again after the tow home and 30 mins later turned key on and the pump started working and the truck started right up. I did all the checks and removed the fuel pump relay while the truck was runing and the truck kept on running, did all the rest of the fuel system checks and everything checked out. So why would the pump work after 20 or 30 mins of being turned off, any suggestions, thanks.
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X2, yep some do STB, & I keep coming back to what the op said about not hearing the fuel pump when he turned the key back on. Also pumps from that vintage suffer from heat stroke lol.

Rock, I don't know where you live & what your climate is right now, but was it hot the day this happened? The FIs return unused (non injected) fuel to the tank in a never ending continuous loop & all the fuel that's returned has been preheated by engine heat. Too much heat & it will kill the pump, & the fact that you said that a half hour later it fired right up tells me this might be the problem (half hour later the fuel & the pump have cooled down enough to run again) Check your ground like STB said & if it's in order, I would suspect a tired pump that is suffering from high electrical resistance due to heat. One thing you can do to test this is to always keep your fuel tank as full as possible because it has more cold mass to counteract the pre-heated fuel that is returning, & will keep the pump cooler.
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Yep they had them Digs. TBI throttle body injection with two injectors shooting into a throttle body that looked suspiciously like a warmed over carbuerator from China or Russia :) They ran on 12 psi & never vapor locked, but the injectors did seem to to leak a little when they were sitting & would cause the engine to act flooded when restarting.
LOL just messin around Tim. They were manufactured in the U.S. by Rochester, but they're just such an odd piece, that I've just never accepted them as high grade American technology.
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