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Truck died

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Hi to everyone, I posted a problem I have with my 91 silverado 305sbc it just died going thru the parking lot. Turned key on and no noise from the old fuel pump and none from the injectors as I cranked it over. Sooo while thinking what I was going to do 75 miles from home and about 20 mins later I turned the key on and the pump started working and the truck started and I drove home no problem.
So now about a week later I went to the dump and it died as I was leaving, so I had AAA tow it home. Again after the tow home and 30 mins later turned key on and the pump started working and the truck started right up. I did all the checks and removed the fuel pump relay while the truck was runing and the truck kept on running, did all the rest of the fuel system checks and everything checked out. So why would the pump work after 20 or 30 mins of being turned off, any suggestions, thanks.
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Hi no just slowly quit, when I turned on the key no fuel pump noise, after about 30mins pump started to work and truck started. When I tried to start it after it quit the motor turned over no problem, after a time pump started to work again and it started right up, engine idles smooth and runs fine just quits after a time when just idling then no fuel until about 30 mins later then starts up.
Thanks everything like that checked out, I think it might be a intermittent fuel pump thanks for your imput.
Truck slowly died

Hey guys thanks for the suggestions, here is what I did. I bought a new fuel pump motor and a new fuel pump relay (cheap insurance) and installed them both.
NOW I'm having a small problem when starting the truck, it seems to crank for about 5/7 seconds and have to give a little throddle before it starts. Before replacing the pump etc. it started right up bamb!! with no problem, so what the heck do you think is causing this hick-up injectors dirty or ?? thanks again, this is a great sight with great people helping other car/truck guys!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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