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I picked up a Very clean 97 Chevy express Conversion Van at D. Heckers here in town, at the time did't think about fuel cost, nor did i notice the absence of a "doghouse" which I think i first learned about from a Sargent Bud of mine while stationed at Fort Riley in the 70's, since then I assumed all these where the same, and yes it was dark when i looked at the interior, those mood lights ant the salesman slow repetitive patterns "you will buy this Van" nuff said about that! anyway I am wondering being a car guy who by the way just replaced the waterpump on a Certfied Van with less than 80K. do you have to crawl under the unit to change plugs, if so this is like the days when I work diesel Mech at MTC, and Chevy has the Balls to say 250 or so for a plug change, diffently bad design on there part and sucks how they really go out of there way to humiliate customers these days, I miss my 56 Biscaynne the beauty, simplicity, power and cool factor. I have some of this with my van but would like to do more! finally, is there a way to get an Onstar kit? pls feel free to write me and check out my blog at I still love Chevys and Gassers and Semis are my Bag baby! anyone been stationed at Ft. Sill 1976 knew DI Hacther or Olm? or 1/7th FA Germany? or just a Vet I want to start a Veterans/Christian Van riders Club here in Saint Paul anyone interested? don't need to be a Vet, just Love this Nation, and put God first! at least try very hard! Hey I'm a Blck Cat kinda stuck in the Seventies a bit in the 50's because I've seen what many of our younger Gen want and feel although alot was wrong and still may be, a lot was so much better, I also feel anyone who wants to succeed in life can do so no matter what color of skin, I have done well to some extent, "I may not be book smart or brainsmart but sumpthin"


Bigrick Truckinkid-Truckn4life! Bigred One 4life!:glasses: [email protected]


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