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True dual uneven exhaust flow

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Hey guys. I have a 94 suburban with a new reman 350. About 1200 miles on the motor. Flat cam and lifters. The exhaust is true dual. I've noticed significantly higher exhaust flow rate from the passenger exhaust pipe as well as a noticeable tick coming from the engine on that same side. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The tick could be multiple things but considering you are experiencing less exhaust flow I would suspect a bad exhaust manifold gasket or a cracked exhaust manifold. This would also cause a tick.
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Thanks Furious. I'm actually getting higher exhaust flow from the side the tick is coming from. May be a coincidence I suppose. The manifolds are new and manifold back exhaust system is brand new and 100% welded. It's definitely not an exhaust tick.
Well sounds like you will need to at least pull the valve covers for inspection and go from there. I would check with the company you purchased the reman engine from and see about them covering diagnosing, repair or replacement before anything though you do not want to void any warranty.
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