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I may be the only one who wanted to know; however I figure that I would post this anyway...

I was wondering what would be better for your (mostly stock) engine for the horsepower: Turbo's or Superchargers?

I know the basics of both and how they work but I've been emailing some people who about this issue and this is what I have (so far).

Obviously, I'm looking for critics or experts of both for some imput

Okay here is the message:

Turbo -vs- SC

Power Creation: A turbocharger & supercharger force feed your engine with
compressed air. A turbo uses the engine's waste (exhaust gases) to spin a
turbine hooked to an impeller (compressor). The compressed air adds volume
to each charge creating more power. A supercharger uses the engines spin
(hooked up by a pulley system) to, in general terms, do the same thing. The
only issue: Since it is hooked up to the engine's spin it robs the engine of
power to make power. (Engineering wise, there is no competition. My father
was a mechanical engineer for 30 years; he wouldn't see a reason to go on
after just this point!)

Air Temperature: A turbocharger can compress air more efficiently than a
supercharger intern it does not heat up the intake charge nearly as much as
a supercharger. Therefore allows the car to run stronger and longer than
with a supercharger (all boost levels and ambient temperature being equal).
Also with a roots type blower, it is nearly impossible to add an intercooler
to the mix.

Torque Curve: A Supercharger, yes can make boost at a lower RPM. However, a
correctly matched turbo will show quick spool, minimal lag and can create
power throughout the RPM band.

Upgrades: To upgrade the boost levels of a supercharger, you need to swap
out pulleys and may only be able to get 10-12 PSI before you run out of
room. To make more power from a turbo, all you have to do is turn up the
boost. A simple boost controller can do the trick and will allow you to make
adjustments on the fly, without having to wrench in a new pulley. Imaging
cruising down the highway and you get challenged. If you run a supercharger,
are you going to pull over, swap out the pulley (if you can even do this on
the road) and then race? No, but if you have a turbo, you can just hit the
hi-boost setting and be gone.

The advantages to going with a turbo are very clear... The kits that we
offer are CARB pending... I would have to check the status f the kit for
your specific application. The kit is complete and it does include
everything you will need to be up and running turbo. If you have any further
questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks!
Please reply with a copy of the original message. Failure to do so may
result in your question not being answered.

Turbo - Boost Your Horsepower

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Welcome to the forums! The advice that you posted up was very clearly biased and from a company that sells Turbo kits. Check out this thread for a previous discussion of FI (Forced Induction). If you have any questions, post in there and we will help you out.

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