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96 Suburban K 1500 4x4 -

When I turn on the ignition the left turn signal indicator comes on dimly. when I turn the turn signal indicator to the left the turn signals in front and back come on, however the left turn signal and the shift indicator on the dash both blink. also the rpm dial jumps with the blinking. When I drive down the road the speedometer says I am doing around 15 to 20 mph faster than I actually am doing. It was doing this intermittently when I would hit a bump. now it is doing it all the time.

Another problem is when I am going down the road with the cruise on it suddenly kicks off.

Also. when I turn on the bright lights the other two lights go off. is that normal?

Also the headlights come on when I start the suburban and stay on all the time, day and night. is that normal?

any help would be appriciated. I took it to an auto electric shop but they can't even look at it for at least 4 to 5 weeks. ( small town here).
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