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My 01 Dually blew the 20amp turn signal fuse. I replaced the relay/flasher and the fuse only to find the same thing happened. The left turn signals worked fine but when moving to the right turn signal the fuse would blow. I replaced the fuse and tried the hazard flasher and the fuse blew. This made sense with all turn lamps flashing under hazard. I started looking for a DARK BLUE wire that could be grounding the circuit and causing the fuses to blow. I found nothing that would even indicate any rubbing or damage to any wiring. I contacted an online expert that suggested after many tests and verifications that it would be the multifunction switch. This is the turn lever, cruise control, wipers...etc and the hazard switch on the steering column. I bought a $125.00 switch that GM wanted $325.00 for and started the task. Pulled the air bag, steering wheel and all associated stuff. I replaced the switch and tested it only to find the exact same problem. I finally got to looking at the "LAMPS" and found the yellow turn signal lamp on the right side had the yellow tinting peeling off. I pulled the lamp and looked at it and it appeared to be good. By this time I had replaced the small side marker lamps and the rear lamp. I plugged in a new lamp and a new fuse. This time everything including left turn, right turn and hazards, worked perfect with no blown fuse.

I was amazed that a lamp would cause a short and blow the fuse but that is exactly what had happened. Lamps are supposed to be a "short" that makes the filament glow but this one created a dead short that blew the fuse. After all this wonderful experience and calling my beloved truck and GM many names, I learned a lesson and just wanted to pass it along. If you have a fuse blowing problem with turn signal lamps, FIRST replace the lamps.

If anyone else is having or has had this same experience, I would like to hear from you.

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