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under truck grease zerks?

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Proud new owner of an 04 2500HD
First exposure to the "replacable wheel bearings"
I have a 2 WD, 5 speed.
I assume there is NO repacking of spindle bearings? Are there even grease zerks anymore?
How about the tie-rods?
Better yet, let me ask this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Where, if any, do I perform routine service. i.e. Are there zerks on the steering arms?
Anywhere else? suspension?
Maybe I'm old school, but I like the idea of repacking bearings and hitting all the joints with the trusty grease gun.
Thanks guys.
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i think there should be fittings on the inner and outer tie rod and the upper and lower ball joints too, and the wheel bearings are non greaseable because it is a hub and bearing assembly
should be 14 fittings. upper b-joints and lower b- joints look like there isnt any but they are there.
Any moving joint
should have a grease point. Tie rod ends, and such.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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