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For those who own or are considering owning a 2008 burb, I thought I'd share my ongoing experiences. Hopefully this will come as some help to those of decide on getting one.
Just had the first oil change done. Took it to my dealer and had the "A" service done. This is basically oil, lube and tire rotation. The onboard message center recommended I have my tires rotated after I crossed 5000 miles. Done. No issues with the tires. They tend to stay between 29 and 31 pounds.
The sunroof installed by my dealer is a little more noisy than I expected. My 07 mini cooper has a rather quiet one. When I turn off the burb, the sunroof automatically closes. I wish it would stay open so I can turn the car off and not have to press a button to keep it open.
The head rest Factory DVD players work great. This was of course after they installed the noise filters. I was getting ignition noise on the circuit. That works well.
When they installed the sun roof, my cell phone / onstar microphone pickup is muffled and sounds broken up. The dealer has ordered a new mic and I will see if this resolves the issues.

No major problems.

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