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vacuum pump??

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I just got a 95 silverado with a 6.5 turbo motor. The a/c didn't work so I've been working on that. Got it so it blows cold now but there is another problem. When I turn on the a/c the vacuum pump does not turn. I have changed the belt and belt tensioner. Could it be just my pump is going out? I noticed when I was driving it that the check engine light comes on and will go off some times. Is there a way to chek the pump?
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I checked it with the belt off. It will spin kind of easy but when it would get to the pumping part it was very tight and kind of hard to turn. Not for sure how hard it is supposed to be I ordered a new one and will compare it to the new one. The pulley is very shiny from the belt slipping. Could I just need a new pulley?
Do you think that changing the pulley will correct my problem or should I change the pump?
I put a new pump on today and new pulley. Everything works as it should with some improvement in performance. Thanks for the input.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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