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***Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post this. This is not an ad merely an attempt to try to get some opinions of this camper.***

My wife's uncle is a used car salesman and had offered me a free camper shell if a truck like mine (I have a 2005 ext cab Silverado) was ever traded in with one on it. A couple of weeks ago he finally thought he had found one for me. Turns out it was for a short bed crew cab and didn't fit mine. He gave it to me anyways to either sell or try to make it work. I decided to sell it or trade someone for one that will fit correctly.

This specific camper is a Z-series A.R.E. with carpeted interior and tinted glass in silver birch metallic. It was manufactured in 2006 and designed to fit the 03-06 body style. It's in great condition just needs a wash/wax and a few decals removed from the rear glass. I was thinking of asking $500...does this value seem somewhat appropriate? I'm not trying to make anything off of it, just want to get enough to buy one made for my bed length and matches my truck's color.
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