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A massive tornado that touched down in the U.S. midwest on Friday has left nine people dead and there's still many individuals unaccounted for.
Before tearing through Oklahoma, the deadly twister nearly a km wide, wiped out a farming town in southwestern Kansas in one fell swoop. Residents of Greensburg, with a population of about 1,600, said they only had a 20-minute warning that it was coming. About 90 per cent of the homes and buildings in the small town are now nothing more than rubble.
Storm chasers caught up with the funnel cloud in Oklahoma Saturday morning and captured mother nature unleashed on video. At times the winds hit speeds of 226 km an hour.
Rescuers and the National Guard went door to door of what's left of the homes, pulling residents to safety and the American Red Cross has set up temporary shelters. Kansas National Guard has dispatched 40 troops to help police officials search through the wreckage for missing persons.
The most violent single tornado in the U.S. was in March 1925. It killed 689 people in Missouri, Illinois and
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