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vss buffer issues

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I'm doing a restomod on a '41 Chev truck = using a 2000 4wd Tahoe chassis, 4.8l engine, 4l60e trans/tc with electronic 4wd shift selector, cruise control, pcm and wiring harness (all factory 2000 Tahoe components). I am using aftermarket gages and electronic speedo set for 4000 pulses per MILE as needed for factory vss sensor.

- first issue = cannot find online wiring diagrams that color codes match my harness\devices, and the Haynes manual does not match either. any source suggestions?

- second issue = if I cannot get good wiring diagrams, is it feasible to delete the vss buffer unit and still retain proper
shifting and cruise control and proper 4wd selector operation? I already deleted the body control computor and ABS controller as there was no need for bcm, and ABS controller already damaged/inoperable. brakes still work well, just not antilock.

- third issue = my vss buffer unit has more wires than diagrams - does that unit also include the electronic brake control?

I know I can make the engine/trans operate properly without vss buffer, but would really like to retain cruise, and not sure if 4wd function will still operate without vss buffer. This is my third restomod, but first one with 4wd electronic selector. any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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What colors do you have?

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