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Anybody got any links to some Suburban desktop wallpaper? I've found some with new burb's but I'd like something with a 92-99, or even pre 92.
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Can probably make one. What are you looking for?
Just some nice pictures large enough to be wallpaper. Not really important enough to worry about making one though.
Here's one to add to your collection:

or how about the old/new look?
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Nice pictures. Are there larger versions of them?
Right click on the image and select 'copy image location' paste that into the address bar of your browser and check the photos out for yourself.
Or you can just right click and hit "view image". They're still too small though. I did find a larger version of the second one but it's still only 800 X 600. I'm looking for 1024 X 768. I did a blow up of the 800 X 600 and it's not bad. I may use it for now.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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