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was here before--Any new replacement parts 07 silverado

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I was taking my -STEERING INTERMEDIATE- SHAFT in and out months ago, Darn things makin all kinds of noise now. The plastic bearing cup- was a piss poor idea for the steering column. I was Curious -----if GM finally got off their ass-- and designed a better replacement for it. Noise is really getting annoying now. What have you got i am listening-- and have A very Merry Christmas all of you bob s
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OOHHH YEAH! Grease lasted awhile but the bad part of the is in the "plastic bearing retainer flexes" being to thin . I can take one out in 15 minutes.......but by now gm or somebody dorman etc musta made a better replacement.thanks for the tip jcat bob s
Used the black grease! Made it as bad or abit worse. its the flexing plastic bearing retainer , but i thought someone would have found good replacement by now!---- seems as such bob thanks
well if grease don't work then it may need to be replaced. seems straight foreword[/QUOTE
It has done this since new- making it a GM problem.Me and others here who have tried to fix it the proper way. Can't keep buying I/E shafts and hoping this loud clicking noise will disappear!. If they don't work correctly.I take it from your replies- .you've never experienced this problem?
Need more input here but.....I-- don't believe i am going to get what i am looking for.
Thanks for the reply bob s
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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