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weird noise from the front!! [Expired Topic]

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Anyone aware of this problem?
I have a 1999 Diesel Burb. Have a clunk noise coming from front suspension mostly when turning to the right at traffic lights, low speed, when hitting a bumb or when going too fast over speed bumbs on parking lot. Took it to the local Chevy dealership to find the source.
The verdict was as follows; " Inspected, tested confirmed noise on the housing frame rusted leave a gap open when coil spring snap making noise but coilspring is good. No changes possible hardware is worn out even new coil will not help has a gap where it sit & connects".
Anyone has any knowledge of this kind of problem?
Any remedies?
I know the Burb has over 230 000 miles on it, but, it is from the west coast, no salt used on the roads, no visiable rust on the body or chassis.
Any info would be appreciated!!
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RE: weird noise from the front!!

OK, an update. Lifted the front end up, removed the wheel, took few pieces of an radiator hose, put them under the right front spring, installed the wheel, lowered the truck, took a test drive, the noise is gone!!!!
I have been looking in to "coil spring isolators" that are available from some car part stores web sites, (Kragen). Maybe some day install them, but, for now everything seems fine.
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