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WHAT?! A 454 SMALL BLOCK?!?!? [Expired Topic]

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Just ran across this write up.

I've always been a big fan of the 454. Aparently I'm a big fan of the gas pump as well. :lol:

I'd be concerned that even though the author is impressed with the 454 SB, it wouldn't live up to real world usage. I'm sure that short of production limitations at the time, that there was a reason why the 454 has always been built into a Big block.

It would be interesting to see one of these put through it's paces, and see how it fares!!

Otherwise it's got some pretty impressive HP/Torque numbers

Would anybody here be willing to put one in there 'burban?
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wow. (impractical, but wow).

I always thought there were too many mechanical limitations of in the SB, and the fact that all the combustion would produce too much heat to keep the engine cool enough to operate within an acceptable temp range ... thus reducing engine life. Not to mention all the stuff the article says about the typical bore, etc.

I've known guys who have had 400 small blocks, and I've never seen one last more than about 80,000 miles without having to be rebuilt. This 454 is built to perform, it's something for
... and oh yeah, they want $10,000 for it too. :)
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